Digital Signboard Manufacturer and Supplier Company in Bangladesh

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The site’s top-notch digital signboard is composed of robust materials that provide increased longevity and reliable performance throughout time. These superior displays are not only long-lasting but also resilient to various uses and environmentally beneficial. The digital signboards that are available here have sophisticated looks and are constructed with specially designed LED modules for various business and household appliances. For the best image quality, these amazing digital signboards come in several screen ratios and variations. offers an extensive selection of high-quality, cost-effective digital signboards that are both efficient and long-lasting. These amazing digital signboards come in a variety of sizes, hues, forms, screen patterns, and models with amazing capabilities like heat resistance and waterproofness. These are not high-power electrical consumers and are energy-efficient equipment.

Digital Kiosk Model: BD Price
43″ K-Type Kiosk Display for Digital Signs ৳175,000
32″ K-Type Electronic Signage Machine ৳165,000
43″ Floor Standing Digital Display ৳120,000
50″ Floor Standing Digital Display ৳165,000
50″ Floor Standing Display (Touch) ৳175,000
TV Solution for Hospitality ৳350,000
6,000,000 LG LAEB015 All-In-One 136″ Indoor LED Signage
700,000 for a digital classroom and meeting room solution
Panasonic Stand-Alone Commercial Display ৳460,000
Video Wall Solution ৳500,000